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20th August 2010, 11:48 AM
Just wanted to say what a great guy sobie2000 is! I saw that he had a Kobo ereader for sale, and my wife wanted one for her birthday. His was a warranty replacement, and he asked for $170 including Express postage. I was cheeky and asked if it could go for $150 with postage. A day or 2 went by, and I thought he was thinking, yeah, that's pretty cheeky! So no biggie...

He comes back and says $160 including post. SOLD! Paid by Paypal yesterday, on my doorstep this morning! He told me it would be in the post on the day, and true to his word, here it is! Express post, receipt in the box...perfect transaction!

This is why I love to deal with the members on here. I have never had an issue, things have been presented as they were explained, just great!

Thanks sobie2000!! Appreciate the great service!!


15th November 2010, 05:09 PM
Bought an AppleTV from sobie2000. No issues whatsoever!