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speedway boy
30th September 2005, 04:57 PM
Ok, Me and my mate have successfully set up an ethernet link between our computers when we are at his place work on animations but now how I would like to use my ftp space from my IP to transfer files when I am at home. I CAN do that using a program like fetch
I was wondering why I can't just drag and drop on to my ftp network folder that comes up in my finder window.

When I 'connect to server', the couple of files I have put up there with fetch are happily sitting in the folder so why can't I just drag and drop into that folder instead of using something like fetch?

I have dozens of questions on this whole networking malarky for Mac, so any web pages full of simple explainations would also be useful.



30th September 2005, 05:32 PM
The Finder's FTP only supports reading, not writing to FTP directories, except possibly anon ftp. This is one stupid situation that exists with the Finder. You'll need to use an FTP program to do things properly.