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9th August 2010, 11:51 PM
Firstly, hi to everyone, long time lurker, first time post.

My transition is finally complete. After playing with a hackintosh for six months I bit the bullet and grabbed a Mac Mini as my new desktop machine at Christmas. I fell in love with how the hackintosh "just worked", then fell in love again when I had the real deal and it worked better, without the constant hacking.

The bug had bitten and on Thursday I finally replaced my aging laptop with a new Macbook 13".

The problem is, and I noticed it on Saturday, is there seems to be a pressure mark on the LCD leaving a very light smudge. It is very noticeable on white backgrounds, such as web browsing or Xcode.

It is not damaged or broken before anyone asks (I do notebook support for a large laptop, LCD, video card, etc. maker starting with A... and its not Acer) and I know a broken or damaged screen. I had a look at iFixit and from what I can see here (http://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Repair/Installing-MacBook-Unibody-Model-A1342-Rear-Display-Bezel/3011/11) at Step 32 and 33 is that it is either the Apple Logo or the white tape putting pressure on the screen.

I logged a case with Apple tonight and they advised me to go back to Domayne (the reseller) to verify a fault and decide on a replacement, or to the Apple Store who can confirm it is a hardware fault.

While it is a pain to do, and after spending the last few nights setting the machine up and learning I would rather not do it all again for such a "simple" (if my guess is right, barring all the work that has to be done to get access to the back cover) fix. I have noticed it does sometimes seem to disappear, and I tried gently (very gently) tapping the back of the LCD cover and it does seem to have gotten lighter.

As my time is limited during working hours, and I don't drive and Train it everywhere so the less back and forth the better, should I bother going back to Domayne, who will more then likely send me to Apple, or go straight to Apple? As I do support for laptops, and I know how quick retailers are to put up their hands and leave it to the manufacturer, even though I know I should deal with them, what is the quickest way to resolve this issue?

Will it eventually disappear? It is far lighter now, I tried to take photos but after putting them on Flickr it is hard to see anything. Here are the Flickr photos if someone wants to have a look:

Flickr (http://www.flickr.com/photos/zujik/sets/72157624686166084/with/4875317442/) - I inverted some pictures to try and show the issue. Never mind the weird blue bleed on the inverted images, that is the inverted flash from the camera.

I don't usually shop at Domayne, they are just closer to work then the Sydney Apple Retail Store, are they alright to deal with?

As it is now, I can't even see the smudge while typing this, until I look for it (very, very light, semi-circle about 4-5 cm wide, 1-2 cm high).

Any suggestions for the most pain free solution?

10th August 2010, 07:54 AM
Hi and welcome...

If it's faulty it's faulty. You have every right to expect your MacBook to be in fully functional condition.

First thing to avoid pain, grab yourself an external hard drive and back up your MacBook using TimeMachine (or CarbonCopyCloner, or SuperDuper, etc). This will create a complete copy of everything on your system.

It'll help to be able to boot from your external hard drive. There's instructions on that here (http://www.mactalk.com.au/2010/03/04/boot-from-an-external-hard-drive/).

I'd guess Apple suggests taking it back to Domayne as there's a DOA period where, if faults are found, you're entitled to a swap-out replacement. After that DOA period, you're looking at a repair instead of swap-out.

If at all possible, go for the swap-out. That's the least painful solution for you as you should be able to get that straight away instead of having to wait for a repair.

Once you've got your replacement, you just boot from your external drive, restore your backup and you're done.

15th August 2010, 01:11 PM
All sorted, kind of now. Took it to Domayne, who at first couldn't see it, then they sent it/submitted it to Apple who approved the DOA.

Just waiting for the store to get one back in stock, which was what I was trying to avoid. Oh well, all done now and will hopefully have it back in my hands this week.

Now to find a protector, man that plastic shell gets marked up quite quickly. Seeing as I will have a new one, may as well protect it from day one.

15th August 2010, 02:48 PM
Now to find a protector, man that plastic shell gets marked up quite quickly. Seeing as I will have a new one, may as well protect it from day one.

We use skins on our MBP's (and iPhones) to stop the scratching. We got all ours from Skinit.com and have just ordered another batch for the new iPhones because the old ones fared very well. I prefer a sticker for scratch protection since it doesn't cover up the sexy with a big thick (and usually ugly) case.