View Full Version : Application / Shell Script / AppleScript to email notification of a partic user login

9th August 2010, 01:19 PM
I was recently required to share my user account password with my housemate so they could do a few things from time to time on my computer. I am okay with this so long as I am aware of any logins that are made, so in order to do so I would like a way of tracking this.

Can anyone tell me of a way that I can get notified via email of any logins made on a particular user account? I would prefer it if there was an application, secondly a shell script and then last of all an AppleScript.

Are there any applications I can set to run on startup that would send a quiet email to my iPhone, or a shell/apple script that might do the same?

9th August 2010, 05:09 PM
You probably can do something fairly easily with growl. I get notifications on my iPhone from Growl using the Howl plugin/app (there is also prowl which is similar)

For just startup notification I think you are pretty much stuck with either a shell script or apple script. After installing growl a simple script (my mac isn't in front of me but I suspect you just need to add a line in your .login file) calling growlnotify (http://growl.info/extras.php#growlnotify) should do the job you're after.

Also if I were you I'd set them up with their own account on your machine and enable fast user switching, just keeps life easy.