View Full Version : iMac 27" i7 2010

4th August 2010, 09:37 PM
Firstly, I know I could order it online but I am never home to 'wait for TNT'. Furthermore, I live in an apartment and always have issues with TNT delivering packages to me.

I went to Apple Store Doncaster over the weekend to check if they had the new iMac i7 2.93GHz in stock. The guy who served me said the only iMac i7 model that Apple released is 2.8GHz. I said it was just released last week. He went to check with his supervisor and said there's only an i3 iMac in stock and that the i7s would probably come in this week.

So I decided to try my luck this evening. I rang up about 4pm to check if they had the i7 2.93 GHz in stock. Lady on the phone, after checking, said yes and that they close at 530pm.

Normally takes around 20minutes but this time it took around an hour in peak hour city outbound traffic. Got there around 510 and spoke to a guy who seems to know nothing about Apple products but he said he can help me out with the new iMac.

I then showed him the Co-Op Bookshop prices and initially, he didn't want to price match it. He kept telling me Apple Retail and Apple Online Stores are different. Additionally, while I showed him the Co-Op Apple store website, he was giving weird looks and double checking if I actually gave him a 'fake' Apple website. Finally, he gave in and said he will price match after I kept telling him it's a real website and that they have price match items for me before.

Anyway, he goes to grab the imac and came out with nothing. And he said it hasn't arrive.

Even though I was very disappointed because I was given false hope to drive all the way to Doncaster in peak hour traffic, I asked him if I could 'place an order' and pick it up when it arrives. He said NO. Reason being in order to make a purchase he has to 'scan the barcode as all items are serialised.'

If i remember correctly, Apple Store does actually place orders for you (correct me if I'm wrong).

I then proceed to show him that they are already advertising the i7 with the 'card placeholder' on the table and whether he could double check. His answer was still the same.

This brings me to have a dodgy feeling regarding this guy. His initial reactions, reluctance to price match, thinking i was trying to cheat him with a fake Co-Op store and the fact that the lady on the phone said they actually had it in stock - brings me to wonder whether Apple staff actually earn commission on sales whatsoever.

The only upside of this is that he actually allowed me to 'cut the queue' to purchase an iPhone 4 (i didnt want to go all the way there and not purchase anything).

Therefore, just wondering if anyone had any luck with the iMac i7 2.93 in apple stores?