View Full Version : How do I get MyWi or Alternative App?

3rd August 2010, 04:49 PM
I have a jailbroken iphone, and i'm trying to get MyWi, but the makers are not very good with their sales lol...

The only place i could find it was on http://rockyourphone.com/ but i get a error when trying to get the app, the site is obviously screwed.

The app is not in cyndia....

what on earth are they doing! lol...

or can you suggest an alternative app to turn a jailbroken iphone into a wifi hotspot (so i can connect my ipad to it)... btw, ipad is also jailbroken.

free or paid whichever is better.

3rd August 2010, 04:55 PM
Get MyWi from Cydia, you will need to jailbreak first.

3rd August 2010, 04:57 PM
that's odd, it shows up this time.