View Full Version : Iphone 4 versus 3G Antenna Test

3rd August 2010, 11:39 AM
I just performed a test to check the antenna performance on the Iphone 4 versus the 3G.

The signal strength on both my 3G and 4 can be displayed numerically as this is in my profile from a previous jailbrocken OS. This numbers represent dBm and this is a logarithmic scale.

I also have 2 active Optus Sim mobile services.

The test involved holding an active phone in each hand and comparing the
signal strength readings in many locations around my house.

The result of the test was that the 4 displayed a signal strength greater than 2 dBm compared to the 3G.

To explain the dBm logarithmic reading would could say that if the signal strength difference was 3dBm then the 4 would be twice a sensitive as the the 3G.

As the difference is 2 dBm we can say that the 4 is roughly half as sensitive again.

Hopefully this demonstrates to the forum that the 4 is superior in sensitivity.

Obviously there was a case on the 4.

3rd August 2010, 12:08 PM
Doing the same thing with my iPhone 4 (without a case) I cannot achieve higher than a 10dBm loss of gain. On many occasions there is no loss or some gain (around 3dBm).