View Full Version : "new" refurbished macs?

27th July 2004, 11:11 AM
Hi, I'm looking to buy a powerbook, to be used for video editing and graphics mainly, preferably a 15-incher...but they cost massively huge amounts (for my price range anyway). Does anybody know of a place in Australia that sells refurbished macs, and I mean new ones (the only places ive found in Oz pretty much only do refurbished G3's and shit)...On the net i've found places in the US and England that sell as new refurbs, which are like half the price almost of a new one, but im just a bit suss about buying something from overseas in case something goes wrong or whatever. So anyone in Oz that does that kind of thing that anybody knows of would be muchly appreciated. Also has anyone had any problems with refurbs they have bought? Surely there has to be a catch...

27th July 2004, 11:16 AM
Hey supersheep - welcome to AppleTalk. :)

Designwyse (http://designwyse.com.au/) are fairly good - but like all other 'refurbishers', they come with a bit of a price tag. I'd say second hand would be your best bet.

27th July 2004, 11:29 AM
Designwyse tend to be on the expensive side for refurbished products... Computers Now and NextByte have firesales where you can pick up some decent deals... other than that, try Macauctions and eBay...

However, if price is an issue, I would strongly recommend the current line of iBooks, particularly the 12". They are effectively the same as the Rev B 1Ghz Powerbooks, which are the Powerbooks you'd most likely pick up second hand or refurbished, available brand new at a much better price ($1700). If you really need extra space, you can hook it up to an external VGA monitor, or even use monitor spanning with a firmware hack (though carefully so as not to void your warranty). A new iBook would put you in much better a position than an older Powerbook and is much better value...