View Full Version : iBook won't read disks!

25th July 2010, 11:41 AM
First of all let me say that I got this iBook from my grandmother's friend's daughter... so its old I'm guessing if the history is from 2006!
And that we have 4-5 pcs in the house but mine broke so I was forced with this thing. Its really confusing with this mac crap but I'll get it soon or later :confused:.
Anyways yesterday I downloaded something from a cd and works fine but today I went to install my graphic tablet but it wouldn't read the cd. It made clicks and hums but after that nothing happened and to make sure it wasn't just the cd I also popped in the cd from yesterday and that didn't work either! I'm not sure what to do so I'm hoping you mac masters can help a noob out. :p

25th July 2010, 11:59 AM
Step 1:

Click once on the top-left Apple menu - (it looks like an apple) and scroll down to: About This Mac.
In the About This Mac window, post back everything it says there.

That way we can work out which of the 16 iBook models you've got there.

Also, click once on the More Info... button at the bottom of the About This Mac window and in the next window, under: Hardware Overview, state exactly what you see there to post back here.