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23rd July 2010, 11:47 PM
I am running small accounting Firm and upgraded from a PC System to an iMac 27", in addition to this I also installed the VMware Fusion3 Software package to run my Window based MYOB Accounting Package. The entire system is up and running with no problem.
Due to the fact that I have 8 clients who require remote access (Web Browser) to there data base for data entry and report viewing I am considering to install a Mac Mini Server.
1) Does the Mac Mini Server Support a Virtual Machine i.e. VMware Fusion3
2) What restriction, if any is there for remote access to server i.e. Safari, Internet Explorer, FireFox etc. I have a static IP address.
3) What precaution are required to protect the server. Antivirus programs & Firewall.
I am open for any suggestion to improve my system for better customer service. We are located in Sydney and willing to pay for System installation or analysis.

24th July 2010, 06:56 AM
1. You can install VMware Fusion or Parallels on a Mac Mini Server
2. Your customers can use whatever browser they like if they'll be accessing a web interface hosted on the server.
3. Only open ports that are necessary for the operation of your external services. If you're only hosting a web page, open port 80 and nothing else, etc. Enable the Mac OS firewall with this same/similar configuration.

The mac mini server is a neat little machine, but I suggest getting a consultant to scope out what your needs are, and what the best solution is. It seems semi-pointless to buy a Mac to run VMware to run a Windows application... The right tool for the right job.

What software runs the web interface that your clients will be accessing? Can you provide an example link (if you already have something set up)?

24th July 2010, 12:26 PM
Respond to Dangelovich comments:

Your point taken "The right tool for the right job"

However some consideration has been given to this topic.
* To migrate Data from Window OS to Apple OS requires a new MYOB software package at a cost of $900.00
* Resource allocation... i.e. Time & labour to migrate data from Window Based OS to Apple OS.
* Our main concern would be compatibility issues. Our Client uses window based OS. Hence addressing MYOB Data which has been converted to Apple OS may cause compatibility issues.
* Consultant..... Excellent idea... unfortunately have not found IT person with Mac Server Experience.
* We do not host web pages.

Do not understand your question "What software runs the web interface that your clients will be accessing?"

24th July 2010, 01:33 PM
Just to be clear - I wasn't suggesting you convert to Mac. I was suggesting you just use a PC, or run Windows through Boot Camp instead of using VMware on top of a Mac.

Do not understand your question "What software runs the web interface that your clients will be accessing?"

You implied that clients remotely access *something* to enter data. Is this a web page? Something else? I'm guessing whatever it is would be hosted on Windows - so what software is it? Does MYOB have it's own web interface these days?

24th July 2010, 04:09 PM
Our office has switched to iMac and MacBook pro, we have no PC at our Office.
In regard to run Window thru Boot camp we consider this as a disadvantage, you have to reboot the iMac to Switch between Bootcamp for window operation and Apple OS. VMware allows us to operate both system concurrent and most important we can exchange files seamlessly by click and drag between the two operating system.

In regard to your Question: "You implied that clients remotely access *something* to enter data".
Your question is spot on in regard to our need and it is possible that our requirement can not be meet by the Mac mini Server.
Our objective is as follow:
1) VMware Fusion 3 is installed on Mac Mini Server
2) WindowXP SP3 is installed within VMware Fusion3
3) MYOB Accounting System is installed under WindowXP
4) Clients Data Files are installed within MYOB accounting System
5) Client access his data file by addressing the Mac mini Server via his web browser.(FireFox, Internet Explorer or Safari)
6) After gaining access to Mac mini Server. Client will than have via password access to his MYOB file.
7) After he is logged in to his MYOB file he can enter new data or retrieve data.

My question is can the Mac mini Server fullfill the Task?