View Full Version : Entourage Problems

18th July 2010, 03:19 AM
Last Week, 7-12-2010, I began to have problems with Entourage timing out on sending and receiving Mail. I am using a Quicksilver with 10.4 and a Titanium Lt with 10.4 also. Anyhow, I contacted my ISP to find oout what was happening with Entourage. Safari and FF work fine, i.e can get to the web, but when I try to use Entourage, it keeps timing out. I then powered up the Lt, which had not been on for a month, and try to acces mail, it timed out also, but could get to t the web. When I chatted with ISP techie online with my PC and then 0on the landline, we did a trouble shooting on the setup of parameters. Nothing was wrong according to them. I had earlier i the day sent and recived mail, and this started after lunch. THEY told me it was s/w problem, and wanted me to contact their tech control which I would have to pay for. They also esplained, its the s/w that sets up and controls the parameters for acces to the server. Anyone have any ideas, Thanx Chas.