View Full Version : Help! Macbook Pro is having trouble with everything!

11th July 2010, 05:43 PM
Hi guys!

I was wondering if the clever fellas on the site can help me?

Macbook Pro 13" is constantly beach balling and it takes forever to open anything like safari, and any other programs.

Don't even mention trying to get iTunes working, it's a no go at all, just locks up the whole macbook and I have to hold the power button down to do a restart. Then it takes at least 6 minutes or more to turn back on :-(

It was so bad I thought some software was conflicting with something.

I also noticed over the past week that battery life was woefull, less than 5 hours and it's been getting worse and worse. It also seems like something is running constantly, like a fan or the hard drive.

I tried a reformat which took me over 3 hours! and it's still doing it,

I was thinking maybe the ram or Hard Drive?

I will be ringing Apple tomorrow as it's not that old, just a few months, it's the new model.

Any helpful ideas would be good to help with my phone call,

I can't take it to a genius, I live in country SA and will have to post it back to Apple :-(

Thanks in advance for any insight you might have!


11th July 2010, 06:02 PM
My off-the-cuff initial reaction would be a hard disk problem - iTunes is one of the more disk-intensive apps with its relatively large database of audio and video. A reformat would also be slowed by this. I would run Apple Hardware Test off the restore DVD that came with the computer - put the disc in and hold the D key to get into AHT mode - it should be able to tell you if there's an issue with the hard disk (although there can always be some faults that it won't find).

11th July 2010, 06:05 PM
Certainly sounds like a hard drive issue, especially if it's taking that long to boot up and locking up constantly, not to mention the 3 hour format (unless you zeroed out the drive, which could blow out the formatting time quite a bit). Not to say that rules out another potential issue, but at this stage it sounds like a hard disk drive.

Since it's still within the warranty, I'd imagine the hard drive would be covered. Apple will probably advise it be shipped in via courier to one of the Adelaide based resellers for repair (we do repairs in-house, and tend to get quite a few customers that Apple have referred on to us), but give them a call and see what they say first. :)

11th July 2010, 06:19 PM
Something running constantly -> What does Activity Monitor say?

11th July 2010, 09:49 PM
The other thing I'd try is taking out one of the ram sticks and booting to see what happens. And if it still happens swap the ram over for the other one (leave the other stick out) to see if it continues to beach-ball. Just to see if it's one of the ram sticks. Note: if you haven't taken ram out before, it's not real difficult, but you need to be careful, and don't touch the chips.

12th July 2010, 06:51 AM
Put your MacBook Pro Install DVD in and hold down D while booting up.

Run the extended hardware test, this SHOULD tell you what the problem is but I can't guarantee it sadly.

14th July 2010, 04:16 PM
I was having this exact same problem with my 13" macbook pro... that I purchased in November 2009... The battery was only lasting about 1 and a half hours to about 2 hours the most and it would just rainbow wheel all day long when opening program.. new tabs in safari... it was taking up to 40 minutes to boot up. When it was taking that long to boot I immediately backed my files up and when I was reinstalling OS X the hard drive actually died... started to make clicking noises...

Its currently at the Next Byte service center in Glenunga.. Adelaide and I am waiting for it back...

14th July 2010, 07:04 PM
Been in at Next Byte for long? Couple of machines I've had them look at in the past have been in there for 2 weeks with no progress. Showroom was great, wouldn't take a machine in for service though. On the other hand the guys I'm working for now haven't had a machine in the service department all week, so it's relatively clear. Not sure about the other SA service centres.