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7th July 2010, 05:34 PM
Hi guys,

I recently had the well documented wireless issues on a Macbook 1,1. Basically as soon as i walked outside the room with the wireless router/airport extreme the signal would drop out completely. Even when in the same room the signal level was low at around -80. Anyway, i took the plunge and purchased a second hand mac pro airport wireless 'n' chip (the correct 2 antenna type) and plugged it in. Upon doing this it has significantly increased the RSSI levels i was getting (-30 to -40 roughly at the best locations and -50 to -60 on average) and the noise levels in profiler say -96. However the transmit rate, using the option + click on wireless icon, is never more than 1 when connected to the G rate (although it appears to be quicker than you'd expect for a transmit rate of '1') and when i am on an N network it is never more than 14 (but the MCS is ALWAYS 0 - which as far as i can tell, means i am connected at BPSK). The 'n' network is almost always unusable, but the g is usable to an extent. I have taken a look at the antenna cables and their connections and it all appears ok.

I downloaded iStumbler and ran it and on average i am getting 50-60% signal and 10-13% noise (on both wireless n and wireless g). I have eliminated the router and airport extreme by using a recent model macbook pro which gets GREAT transmit rates.

Any suggestions on what could be wrong or what i can try? Have i purchased a dud second hand airport card?

Thanks all