View Full Version : 4g Ipod and the belkin card reader - speed

26th July 2004, 01:08 PM
does anyone own a 4g Ipod yet? or does anyone have access to one, and also own a belkin card reader. Who can test something for me please?.

i do a bit of photographic work, and would love to use an ipod for digital data storage (portable hdd and file dump, and music player :)

but the specs of the 3g ipod and belkin card reader were horrible (500kbytes a second). makes 1gb of images around a 30 min process.

is this new 4g ipod any quicker in file transfers? have they done some work on making this faster?.

if anyone has the above combination and can comment, id love to know.


26th July 2004, 01:43 PM
Andrew i have also been looking for all this info, its seem that the speeds are extremely slow, the batteries only last about 3 card transfers (1GB cards i think)...EDIT i looked around and some reports say that the actual readers batteries may last a while, but the ipods batteries get severly drained from the transfer..

There is also a belkin USB adaptor which plugs into you ipod then lets you plug in your cameras USB which is supposed to be a little faster... i think the article is at ipodlounge.com

Let me know if you find out any info as i'm really interested in this too! Cos i've heard mixed reports.

I cant see why its soo slow when they claim its through an ipod firewire interface....??

26th July 2004, 02:04 PM
I don't think these have hit the shelves here yet, Andrew, but worth having a look around the web as some people in the US have got them already. I would doubt that they would be faster than the 3g, however - all that seems to have improved is the new firmware for playing music, the clickwheel and the battery life - and a few missing accessories!

26th July 2004, 02:13 PM
OziMac - i guess if the battery life of the ipod has incresed then perheps the amount of uploads before the battery dies may have increased.. see the time it takes to upload doesnt bother me all that much... as long as it doesnt cut out halfway through my card and i dont know if the file has been uploaded.. that would anoy me..

anyways i guess we will see.. but the readers that were used on the 3G ipods can be used on the 4G ones which is kinda good news in the way of saving $$'s... you can pick up one on ebay in the states for around $50 if you lucky ($50 +$10 = $83AUD).. or i think its $70 Buy it Now + $10 shipping would make it $110 MAX in $AUD..

not too bad.. considering the $189 pricetag in most stores here..