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19th September 2005, 09:14 AM
Wondering if anyone has any suggestions or if there is another topic covering this whether someone could direct me there.

I have recently upgraded to Broadband internet connection at home and changed ISP's. Our old dial-up was with Supernerd and our new Broadband is with Westnet - I cannot for the life of me configure Entourage to pull my e-mail of the Westnet mail server - I spent 1 hours on the phone with a Westnet technician last night and we got no where. What I do not understand is that it works fine using the Apple Mail program but why won't the settings work in Entourage??? - I never had a problem with dialup it always worked. When I hit 'Send/Receive' in Entourage it appears to be looking for my e-mail address and comes back with an Error - "Server could not be found Error -3170". The technician at Westnet said I was the second person recently using Entourage that wouldn't work. So, what's the problem - is it not liking the Broadband? Is it a Westnet problem? Is it an Entourage problem? Why will it work on Mail but not on Entourage when the same settings are being used?

FYI I am running OSX 10.3.9 and my version of Office is not the current 2004 one but the one before that.

I would greatly appreciate any advice

19th September 2005, 09:52 AM
You don't specifically say, but one would assume as you've talked this through with the Westnet support, but you are otherwise connecting to the Internet, and you've got your computer configured for broadband ADSL? Therefore all the your network configurations are ok?

Depending on the way Westnet work the settings for Entourage need to be specific:

Under Receiving mail in "account setup" the account ID could be:
username@westnet.com.au OR
username/westnet.com.au ( note @ or / or something else ? )

POP server: mail.westnet.com.au OR pop.westnet.com.au OR ?

19th September 2005, 11:13 AM
The Westnet people tried setting it up as a POP and IMAP account but neither worked. The incoming and outgoing mail servers are mail.westnet.com.au. I guess what is confusing is that we are putting in the same details in Mail and it works there - we have reset the modem and re-configured it - all other broadband related connections are fine it's just that Entourage won't pull down my e-mail even though it is configured identically to Apple Mail.

If I just ain't gonna happen then that's fine I will accept that but it just seems very strange when as I said it worked no problem when I had dialup!

The Architect.mac
19th September 2005, 11:21 AM
i note entourage in the later version (not yours) has advanced settings for SSL and secure outgoing SMTP and ports etc

i see your frustrationsas it works fine in Mail but have a play around with some advanced settings as well and try some different mail strings from this page of theirs


i note they have best customer satisfaction in Aus in the top right hand corner

Are u satisfied??

EDIT Just read ur post and u said it all worked fine for dial up - i bet u still have ur dial/hang up send recieve settings going in entourage like it does in outlook for pc. Look around in entourage preferences and see if u can tell it u are always online.