View Full Version : Recognising Audio Outputs?

17th September 2005, 01:29 PM
I've a little "problem" with a Mini running Tiger: Essentially, the outputs for audio only recognises headphones. Now, I'm not particularly sure if this is a problem. If I recall correctly a friend of mine with a mini managed to have his mini recognise a stereo (In the sense that the output pane listed the stereo as an output device), whereas my mini always displays "Headphones".

I'm presuming that, since the mini recognises my amp as headphones, it's outputting a lower output signal, and hence, I've had to have my amp set at a rather high volume to hear things from the computer. Hence, I'm prone to a nasty shock when I change the amp to a DVD input, for example.

If the change is only aesthetic (Ie, the output level is the same, but Tiger just presumes which is which and gives it a name) then, I suppose this isn't really a problem. However, if there is something I'm missing and I can set the output to "external stereo" (Or whatever Tiger calls it.) which would increase the Mac's output signal, can somebody please explain to me as to how to acheive it. Or how they wired the amp to the mini for it to recognise it?

17th September 2005, 02:13 PM
I dont think you can change it

just make sure your volume on the mini is up as high as it goes to give you a good output level