View Full Version : Can't log out of account

21st June 2010, 07:01 PM
Hi all,

i have something i haven't come across before. I run 10.6.4, and have accounts for the kids.

I use parent controls, and limit their usage, including the running of the simple finder and what applications are accessible.

What i have found, that since updating to .4, i am unable to log the kids out (via the normal log out option in the menu). This only occurs based on a specific situation.

1. If i log in, then log straight out, it works
2. If i log in, then open applications folder to access say safari or their favourite game, i can no longer log out
3. If i repeat number 2, then switch to full finder (which requires my authorisation) i can then log out with no problems

I have never had this before and a reboot does fix it, and it happens to all accounts i've created and managed for the kids. Any ideas??

21st June 2010, 10:58 PM
Try making a new controlled account and see if it happens to that. Might be a preferences issue.