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19th June 2010, 11:54 AM
Ever since I bought the iPad I have been looking for a case that covers the screen, serves as a stand, and allows for keyboard docking without having to remove the case. There is no single product that does all of that, and I had got to the point where I was wishing that I had just got a Bluetooth keyboard.
Anyway, I have now solved my problem with several products.
First, the Speck Candyshell, $59 from JB HiFi. It has a flap at the back that swings up to allow docking. According to the pack it is made for the Dock, not the Keyboard Dock, so JB let me buy it on the understanding that I could bring it back if it doesn't fit the Keyboard Dock. Well it does - as I write this I am docked and the iPad is in the case.
The other product I got is a Case Logic Netbook pouch. The idea of this is the pouch will sit inside a bigger bag when I have one, and be a stand alone bag when I don't have one. There is a side pocket that can fit the power supply, but not the keyboard dock.
The final part is the stand. I've been using a banana or something like that to prop the iPad up for landscape style viewing and typing. I think a $2 plate stand will do for the more upright need, and will fold up and go in the side pocket of the net book sleeve.

So I think I've solved it all.

19th June 2010, 11:58 AM
The Otterbox will when it is finally released