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16th September 2005, 02:19 PM

Im in the market for a Treo 650 and id just like a few questions answered. If your not already aware ive got a few things for sale including my old PDA and mobile phone to finance my new toy. My stuff for sale can be found here! (http://forums.appletalk.com.au/index.php?act=ST&f=21&t=11839)

1) Where is the best place to buy a Treo 650 outright without any network branding on it (In Adelaide).

2) What, if any Wi-Fi SD cards work with it?

3) Is there anything else i should know about it, kwerks or anything that i might like to buy with it or any other personal experiences with it.

Im already sold on the thing but i would like to know what other people on here think of it.


16th September 2005, 06:18 PM
Can anyone help me out?

16th September 2005, 06:48 PM
My Dad's got one.

He bought it from Officeworks for ~$800.

There is a Palm certified WiFi Card, but costs a bit, and takes away the expandability of memory through the SD Card Slot because it is taking up the port :)

Nope! Syncing should be sweet with Mail and iCal.

Hope I helped!

16th September 2005, 06:54 PM

I called office works and i was informed they dont stock the 650 at ALL apparently.

He said head office just dont think its necessary. Only the 600 is available. Possibly thats what you father has got. Let me know and ill investigate it more :)

Also ive read that the Palm Wi-Fi card isnt compatible with the Treo's. Is that really true? Thats what it says on the Palm web site and on a few review sites.

Ive got The Missing Sync for Palm OS which ive been using for my Tungsten T5 and works great!


16th September 2005, 07:53 PM
He definitely has the 650.

They must not stock it any more, but it definitely was available for a while.

Hmm, upon investigation it seems that the Palm Wi-Fi card isn't compatible with it, but my June edition of Macworld AU claims it is ...

16th September 2005, 09:50 PM
The Treo 650 is available through Officeworks.com.au for $1199. In store prices are often different.
If they tell you the 650 is unavailable, ask them to enter the SKU: TEUSR6500 into POS.
If you want to buy it, ask them to CSO it for you.
They can also look up and see which stores nearby have the device as well.

16th September 2005, 09:51 PM
Hi, ive been looking around and there is a hacked driver available to get the Wi-Fi working. It was disabled becuase they thought people would use Vo-IP more than using the phone for GSM calls. Not too stable though from what i hear. No big deal anyway...

BUT... I would really like to know what office works you went to to get the 650 for $800. The best price i got given over the phone was $875 from Harvey Norman.

(Edit: Sorry ya bet me angelovich. Thanks for the info. VERY helpful)


16th September 2005, 10:18 PM
try www.calculatorking.com.au or www.ow.com.au

they were offering free bluetooth headsets with the treo a while back.

16th September 2005, 10:57 PM
Officeworks had Treo 650s on a special offer a few months ago (4?) for $850 with a free Bluetooth earphone thingie thrown in free, but the last time I looked the 650s were back to $998 or something similar (with no earpiece included).

17th September 2005, 07:24 AM
I bought my Treo 650 (http://www.palm.com/au/products/smartphones/treo650/) from a Dick Smith Powerhouse store back in July for $846. For that price they also threw in a 256 MB SD card, and a redemtion deal for the Palm bluetooth headset (this was supposed to come from Palm, but I'm still yet to receive it). I've just had a look on the Dick Smith web site, and it looks like prices have gone up a little. They're now offering the 650 for $896 (click here (http://www.dse.com.au/cgi-bin/dse.storefront/432b35c306225430273fc0a87f9c0696/Product/View/V4923))

Alternatively, I've bought stuff from Organiser World (http://www.ow.com.au/) in the past and they have always had pretty competative prices. For some reason they don't have the 650 listed at the moment on their web site, so I can tell you what they are selling them for.

As to your question regarding a Wi-Fi SD card, I don't think you'll find one. I found the following explanation as to why this may be the case:

There is no card available. Someone tried to hack up the T5 drivers but they werent very successful.

You're unlikely to see a card from palmOne for the 650 due to radio design constraints with the positioning of the GSM antenna... a WiFi antenna that close to the GSM antenna plays havoc with the GSM radio performance (which carriers don't you playing around with) - the converse also applies (ie crap WiFi performance when GSM radio is on).

There do, however, seem to companies making Wi-Fi sleds for the 650. See: https://www.enfora.com/shop/detail.aspx?ID=43
http://store.treocentral.com/content/acces...9-60--400-1.htm (http://store.treocentral.com/content/accessories/59-60--400-1.htm)

You should also check out the forums at Auspug (http://www.auspug.org/). I'm sure you'll be able to get most of your Palm-related questions answered there.

17th September 2005, 09:22 AM
Thanks for your help luke_in_tas,

I will be calling DSE in a matter of minutes as soon as it hits 9am! :D