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15th September 2005, 05:42 PM

Is there a VPN Server for OS X? I know Mac OS X Server has one built in, but I want to run one on the standard edition of 10.4.
Before you ask, yes - I do mean server. I'm already aware of the built in client.

I haven't been able to find much on Google...


- David

15th September 2005, 06:30 PM
You not been looking hard...

It appears the pptp vpn server stuff that is found on osx server 10.2 (as i just found some docs on how to set it up). The gui's used to configure this stuff in os x server of course dont exist in the client os x. However all the programs they use in the background do exist. SO if you google for a good guide, you could just manually edit all the files by hand and this inturn will enable the pptp vpn server.

pptp (point to point tunnel protocol) its basically a microsoft vpn implementation. Not the best of the bunch, but it will work.

For example, this is what I found with a google search on osx pptp server;

click here (http://www.afp548.com/Articles/Jaguar/vpnd.html)

At the bottom they mention some of the programs used, ie. vpnd (and sure enough on tiger) vpnd exists in /usr/sbin/

And man vpnd has man pages.

So if you google some more and find a page relevant for ppptp setup on tiger server, which shows all tthe files needing changing then you should be able to get it running.

Infact I reckon if you followed that jaguar guide on all the manual configs of files, it will probably work.


15th September 2005, 07:38 PM
I've been googling for third part apps... I didn't realize the basic stuff was built in.

15th September 2005, 08:57 PM
Yeah inbuilt :)

pppd, vpnd etc

It's unix after all

15th September 2005, 10:22 PM
As I speak, I've just landed in Japan, and used VPN to connect to my server at home so I can control the network. Brilliant stuff.