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9th June 2010, 02:13 PM
Hi All

I'm considering upgrading my hard drive on my Macbook 13inch 667mhz as well as increasing ram to 4gig.

Looking at the numerous online videos it looks quite straight forward to do yourself but am I kidding myself and heading for disaster? I'm reasonably competent in these areas but not a technician by any means!

Also are there any good online stores to get a deal?


thats awesome
9th June 2010, 03:10 PM
Which model do you have exactly?

I've upgraded the ram and hdd on the wifes black macbook, very easy to do. Once you remove the battery there are instructions on how to replace the ram, and it's not much more effort from there to get to the hdd.

check out these guys (US) Performance Upgrades; FireWire USB SATA Storage; Memory, more at OWC (http://www.macsales.com/)
AUS - Streetwise. Australia's Apple Mac & iPod Superstore! (http://www.streetwise.com.au/)

for ram specifically I recommend these guys - Laptop | PC | Computer Memory Upgrades - RamCity (http://www.ramcity.com.au/) (they're also a site sponsor)

There are a plethora of online stores to buy from, depends if you want it locally or from the US.

11th June 2010, 09:20 AM
Check out the site sponsors who are all Mac retail outlets and who will be able to tell you the exact Ram modules and hard drive you need for your upgrade.