View Full Version : Sticky keys after keyboard cleaned

7th June 2010, 09:55 PM
The machine: MacBook 13", 2007 model. Running Snow Leopard.

The problem: They keyboard was cleaned with a slightly damp cloth. They keys worked before, now there is a problem with some keys - particularly the cursor left key and 'i'. The cursor left key behaves as though it is pressed all of the time, which makes typing tricky (things come out backwards, literally!).

What I'd prefer to do: I'm happy to do without the internal keyboard, and just use an external one - which I could do, except the cursor left key is engaged, and it makes typing tricky. Is there a way of disabling the internal keyboard that doesn't involve opening the thing to cut cables and so on? Or should I take it for service. It is out of warranty.

Thanks in advance.