View Full Version : Migration Assistant help please

Alex Morrow
6th June 2010, 08:17 PM
I recently used Migration Assistant to go from a G4 iBook (10.4.11) to a MacBook Pro (10.6.3) via ethernet. Everything worked beautifully.

Now I want to use it to go from a G3 iBook (10.4.11) to the G4 iBook (10.4.11) and I can't get the G3 to find the G4 on the network. Both are connected by ethernet to the router; each one can see the other and mount the other as a server through the router; but the G3 gets as far as searching for the computer to migrate to, and the pinwheel spins and spins.

Is it the case that while the MBP can accept migrations via ethernet or FireWire, the G4 iBook can only accept migrations via FireWire? When I migrated to the MBP, I was given the option to use FireWire or ethernet. Now, the G4 simply asks for FireWire, not giving the choice.

Any helpful ideas out there?

Alex Morrow
9th June 2010, 08:11 PM
In case anyone finds themselves trying to solve the same problem: for some reason, the G3 iBook can't find the G4 through the network cables and router, but connecting through FireWire works fine. I just had to purchase a cable first. The actual transfer then took about ten minutes.