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6th June 2010, 05:33 PM

I have recently bought my first ever Macbook Pro. I know, I know, I deserve some slack, coming from a PC Background, but let me say this, I will never go back. I love my MBP (except for the fact my kid dropped it and now the dvd player will not work at all, will not burn, read etc, and is obviously not warranty). But any way.

I have been told that Mac's do not need any Internet Security.

Some say they do, some say they do not. What is your opinion?

I do run Snitch though as a Firewall.

What is the recommendations now? I do see that Symantec do have a Internet Security for OSX, but no one else does.

I have had many bad experiences with Symantec in the past, so do not really want to use it.

I do have Windows 7 running on Fusion, and have AVG Internet Security running on that, but I do realise that OSX is not protected.

So is Internet Security required in OSX?

Thank you in advance


6th June 2010, 05:35 PM
Hi there, and welcome. Please search the forum for things like "antivirus" and "firewall". You'll find a multitude of information is already available and still under discussion.