View Full Version : Activity Monitor is not working. PLEASE HELP!!!

2nd June 2010, 08:32 PM
So at some point i deleted the Utilities menu from either my Dock or my Applications folder. I was able to restore it and everything in the Utilities menu works fine except for the Activity Monitor.

I have a Utilities menu on my desk top that shows the Activity Monitor in the folder but when I open it, the pinwheel just rotates continuously and will not open. In the App folder I have the Utility menu WITH OUT Activity Monitor even present in the folder.

I'm completely lost and in desperate need of some help on this issue. :angry:

2nd June 2010, 11:03 PM
try this
Try trashing the Preference file for it - com.apple.ActivityMonitor.plist

located here;


Also open disk utility and repair permissions on your disk. Also back up as you may need to re-install. I don't know for sure but sounds like it may be needed.