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22nd July 2004, 09:05 PM
I know I'm going to get shot down for this question but I can't get my head around it ATM (probably the coupla rums I've had). (I know there's no stupid questions, only stupid people...)

I've created a movie out of digital video snipits and stills. The "Movies" folder for for the stuff downloaded to iMovie for this project says it is 2.02GB . I've created the project in iDVD which has come out to 474.9 MBs and the main movie goes for about 8 or so minutes. I put it onto burn in my 1.25 15" PB (which is the 2x write as far as I know) at about 2.30 this arvo. It's now close to 9 and it is still showing the bar moving in stage 4. Is this right? How long would a movie that size take to burn? Am I better off toddling off to bed for the night and hoping it will be done in the morning? It actually ran out of battery power in transit from work this arvo. Is this the reason it is still going? :(

22nd July 2004, 09:52 PM
Okay. It just answered my question for me as I knew it would to prove I'm an idiot. 8 hours later and it spits it out. My next question is, if I close the program and I want to make another copy, is it going to take another 8 hours to do it?

22nd July 2004, 11:10 PM
i assume it was doing the mpeg2 compression/encoding in that time, and burning as well.
i dunno if it'll need to re encode - i would assume not, but without knowing i don't wanna confirm.