View Full Version : Cant access uni portal :(

20th May 2010, 03:36 AM
Dear all,

I have 10.6.3 running on my aluminium macbook. I have all updates done over a clean install and my machine runs flawlessly, except when it comes to accessing my uni portal. I had no issues in Leopard and 10.6.0 till 10.6.1.

The problem is, when I access my uni portal - webct.latrobe.edu.au, I can login, but I cannot click on anything in the page. Safari hangs and I have to force quit. I'm pretty sure it is Java related as it shows some java-related codes at the status bar when I click on them.

I tried Chrome, I can use the portal, but I cannot click on links that open up a new window, so I cannot read any discussion topics

I have also installed the new Java update that Apple released today. Done everything possible, including trashing the Java cache.

I am sick of having to run XP on VMWare just to access my uni portal and have my friends laugh at me. What else can I do?

20th May 2010, 04:27 AM
Mods, can you please close the topic, solved the problem. If anyone has similar issues, try:

Opening Java Preferences under Utilities and selected "Run applets in their own process" instead of the default "Within the browser processes". Although it warns of compatibility issues, but I decided to give it a shot. Restarted Safari and voila it works perfectly. Only thing is that its slightly, only very slightly laggy, saying it because I am probably used to it working better under 10.5.8. Also, I can now open discussion links.