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22nd July 2004, 02:39 PM
Does anyone follow the G5 speed rumors or even the facts? Just wanting to know what type of speeds they have developed? or are developing.... where can i find info on this that is reliable etc???


any comments...

22nd July 2004, 03:39 PM
I know that the rumour mills are RED hot at the moment, and so are the processors themselves. The main problem is that they have trouble getting the powermac temperatures down, and they have heaps of fans, and in some cases, liquid cooling! Also, the powermac has an awfull lot more internal space to dedicate to cooling than a pBook will. So temperature is a massive problem at the moment.

But there are lots of threads on macrumors, most notably http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=51706

22nd July 2004, 04:26 PM
is the a Powermac specific thread... i more interested in the powermac speeds then the PB

23rd July 2004, 09:40 AM
Why do you want to know? Just curiosity?

23rd July 2004, 10:06 AM
Nah, in terms of the G5, i was thinking.. the next revision of G5's will probably see the Dual 2.0GHZ drop to the 1.8GHZ price point, the 2.5 to the 2.0 and the NEW whatever speed to the top price.. maybe even a reduction in all prices...

i m have a vested interest cos i plan to upgrade... i can do sooo many things on my PB, - But i want to get serious about one..so im seriously considering getting one..an G5. also my PB has distracted me so much from my uni work i thought that might help me part with in for the meantime... So yeah i want to get a powermac G5... i think its better than a powerbook if im seriously considering getting into Video and maybe photography.. i was even considering starting a wedding photography and/or videography business after seing how much my sister had to pay!!

does anyone here have one?? if so did you upgrade from the standart video card to the RAdeon Xt9600?? is it worth the extra $77? anyone have a dual 1.8??? how does it perform??

24th July 2004, 09:57 AM
Put it this way, it's very hard to load up a DP 2.0Ghz machine. Seriously hard. It doesn't break a sweat re-coding video. I can open 20 applications at once and they're up in well under a minute. I can still keep working while this is going on without any noticable delays or lag. Hell, I can game fine in Halo while other apps are trying to hog the CPU!

And the system is by no means optimised for the G5's yet!

24th July 2004, 11:57 AM
Originally posted by estoyloco@Jul 23 2004, 11:06 AM
does anyone here have one?? if so did you upgrade from the standart video card to the RAdeon Xt9600?? is it worth the extra $77? anyone have a dual 1.8??? how does it perform??
I have one of the new dual 2's

I upgraded to the 9600xt, definately worth the $77, check out www.barefeats.com (http://www.barefeats.com/index.html)

<taken from http://www.barefeats.com/quick.html> (http://www.barefeats.com/quick.html)
June 12th, 2004 -- I spent yesterday testing the Rev B G5/2.0GHz MP Power Mac. Some early impressions and insights:

1. The GeForceFX 5200 is wimpy. (I&#39;ve added its 3D numbers to the Radeon 9800 Special Edition article.) If you plan to run any OpenGL aware apps, you should special order your G5 and specify the US&#036;50 for the Radeon 9600 XT (128M).

The machine is amazing, i don&#39;t think i will ever buy a pc again.... :D

24th July 2004, 07:21 PM
Originally posted by Currawong@Jul 24 2004, 09:57 AM
Put it this way, it&#39;s very hard to load up a DP 2.0Ghz machine. Seriously hard. It doesn&#39;t break a sweat re-coding video. I can open 20 applications at once and they&#39;re up in well under a minute. I can still keep working while this is going on without any noticable delays or lag. Hell, I can game fine in Halo while other apps are trying to hog the CPU&#33;

And the system is by no means optimised for the G5&#39;s yet&#33;
I know a few fellas who could load up a dozen DP G5 2GHz machines in a cluster and still complain they were too slow. :)

There&#39;s no such thing as "fast enough". :)

27th July 2004, 10:22 AM
Anyone learnt anything about this yet??? G5 speeds? dates? anything???

I&#39;m now finally in a serious buying position..

Also in reference to Currawong;s
And the system is by no means optimised for the G5&#39;s yet&#33;

Is Tiger 64Bit optimised? If so will it make other appz lik FCpro, Photoshop run even a little faster, or would it require those products to be made for 64bit ? Sorry if this is getting too muddled.. i dont want to open too many threads&#33;

27th July 2004, 10:33 AM
estoy, I&#39;ll save you the trouble by posting my reply to your questions in the thread they&#39;re supposed to be in, rather than the iPod thread...

The G5s were JUST updated. No one is even contemplating rumours as to future updates. Sure, there have been announcements about IBM&#39;s dual core Power 5 chips and all that, but you&#39;d think they&#39;d be far from being put into a G5 just yet - at least, not until next year sometime.

The last update for the G5s took nearly a year. They have gone on record saying they will not reach 3GHz by the end of this year. Consequently, I don&#39;t think you&#39;ll be seeing updates at Apple Expo Paris in September. That leaves Macworld San Francisco in January as the earliest possible next update. But even then, it seems pretty improbable that they will have the chips up to speed and the cooling issues resolved adequately...

Price drops may come earlier for us in Australia due to the varying fortunes of the Aussie dollar. But they will not come out predictably - Apple Australia may one day just decide to drop the prices and that will be that. I can&#39;t foresee any other particular reason for price drops other than the release of new models (and for that, see above).

You really need to find something more worthwhile to occupy your time - if you can afford the &#036;3-4k for a current G5, just buy it now and put your mind at ease for the next year (at least&#33;). You will never be able to keep up with the cutting edge forever, and trying to second guess it continually is only going to drive you crazy. Especially right now since the new G5s were only so recently updated.

I wouldn&#39;t at all be complaining about being &#39;forced&#39; to use an Athlon-based PC. There&#39;s absolutely nothing wrong with that at all. What happened to the Powerbook that you just bought?

And in response to your WTB topic in the trading forum, I think you&#39;re expecting a bit too much when you ask for an almost new, second hand CURRENT G5 at below EDU prices. Firstly, no one is going to be selling a brand new, current model G5 for below the &#036;300-500 mark down of the EDU prices. If you are a student and can afford the &#036;3-4k you will mostly likely have to pay for a second hand model, why not just buy a brand new EDU model from the store? And if even that troubles you, check out NextByte&#39;s current firesale, it looks like they have some &#39;old&#39; (ie better) model 1.8GHz dual processor G5s at reduced &#39;EDU&#39; prices.

However, you may also need to consider what the hell you&#39;ll be needing the G5 for - unless you&#39;re doing some serious hardcore gaming (in which case, perhaps the Athlon is better, or a PS2/XBox) or using really processor-intensive graphics/video apps, then why not just get an iMac G5 for half the price or even an eMac for one third of the price, which will perform more than adequately and offer far better value for money? At least you won&#39;t be so worried about future price drops then...

I hope this helps you and goes some way towards answering some of your queries, given that you&#39;ve been posting them everywhere recently :)

27th July 2004, 10:50 AM
OZIMAC - i need the G5 for video work.

I just sold my PB so basically i can trade up to a G5 for no loss in money.. except for the fact that i will have to use an older CRT 17" monitor.. that doesnt bother me. So basically i sold my PB to upgrade.. i think for my personal needs i dont need the portability at the moment.

I know that it was just updated, but some people had mentioned a possible update.. REMEMBER when the G5 had just come out and 3 month later they changed the line up from 1.6 1.8single, 2.0 to dual 1.8, 1.6, 2.0??? well someone speculated a 2.0, 2.2, 2.5 line up or something.. i think it was based on the assumption that single processor imac might take the 1.6 and 1.8 form.

So yeah thats my rational.. sell the PB trade equally to a G5... without monitor.. but i have a 17" lying at home..i dont just have 3-4k lying around...

27th July 2004, 11:06 AM
Well, don&#39;t you have the &#036;3-4k proceeds from your Powerbook sale to go towards that? You are going to struggle REALLY hard to find a dual Powermac G5 for any less than &#036;3k. Some single 1.6GHz G5s are still going for nearly &#036;3k.

I do pro/am video work on my Powerbook and it performs incredibly well. The hard drive and 128MB VRAM really make it shine. By reference to benchmarks and a bit of word of mouth, whilst the DP G5s obviously perform better, the performance advantage is a matter of degree not magnitude - the Powerbook can do everything the G5s can and can do it almost as fast. And the portability allows editing on location or away from base where necessary which can be invaluable.

I remember perfectly well that the DP 1.8GHz came out a good 4 months after the original G5 lineup was announced. But it was an upgrade of an existing model - there is currently no 2.2GHz model, and chip developments would probably indicate in such a model were in the offing. It would presumably also need to be liquid cooled. The bottom line is, if it&#39;s coming, it&#39;s not coming soon. Even if the iMac takes the single 1.6Ghz and 1.8Ghz chips, there is still no reason (or any technical indications) for a Powermac G5 update between 2.0Ghz and 2.5Ghz.

Anyway - as I said, now that you&#39;ve sold the Powerbook, I think you&#39;d be much better off getting a new iMac G5 or an eMac which will do what you need well and is a far better value proposition.

27th July 2004, 02:58 PM
Yeah i know that it can do it and do it well... i have a 17" PB 1.5GHZ... but i never have needed the portability.... i&#39;m never on location etc...

you can get the Dual 1.8GHZ for &#036;3150 new on EDU.. which isnt bad
yeah i meant i dont just have ANOTHER 3-4k lying around...


27th July 2004, 03:16 PM
ALSO let me explain my curiosity..

abount 2 months ago a Dual 2.0GHZ was sold for &#036;5300, now its &#036;4500, A 17" powerbook was &#036;5500, now &#036;4500...basically im just trying to time my purchase.... a 3-6 month wait might just be worth the &#036;800~ that may result... thats a 19" LCD...i&#39;m just being cautious... i know technology keeps jumping.. but with apple its a little easier to predict going by its very recent price history...

Anyways.. i know its impossible to tell i just want some input on rumors, facts, IBM news etc...
Im not asking for somwone to tell me that the 4GHZ G8 is comming out next tuesday with 16GB RAM....

If the G5&#39;s in iMacs have some good results then i might go the iMac way. but would prefer to see a speedd comparison...

27th July 2004, 04:01 PM
Sure estoy, that&#39;s understandable, but what you&#39;ve said is EXACTLY WHY there won&#39;t be updates again soon - it has been less than 2 months since updates&#33; Before that, you would have to look in the vicinity of 1 year previously to find any change in the product line up or pricing - over 7 months for the Powerbooks.

In short, BECAUSE there have been recent updates, now is a good time to buy - you will have peace of mind that you have the best (and best value) for several months at the very least, most likely up to a year. And even if your timing is bad, sometimes you just have to take the hit - that&#39;s life.

I suggest if you want to find out more of this rampant speculation based entirely on conjecture that you read through the Macminute news-bites for the last few months, the Macrumors speculation threads (Page 2 is a great place for what you&#39;re after) and other sites like MacOSX, Think Secret and AppleInsider.

I would say (and correct me if I&#39;m wrong, mods) that AppleTalk is more of an Australian Mac/Apple community, rather than a place where any insider (or outsider) speculation and spy reports are received.

And to check out speed comparisons, go to www.barefeats.com or www.xbench.com - I&#39;m sure comparing the current line up to the old 1.6Ghz and 1.8Ghz Powermac G5s will give you some idea... :)

27th July 2004, 05:57 PM
Yeah good advice OziMac&#33; Also, Xbench is good for comparing the specs that have been submitted by users, while barefeats is where you go if you want to read actual articles with graphs, images etc. The two sites are completely different in how they show speed differences between models.

27th July 2004, 06:17 PM
Yeah look i have heaps of options...

iMac G5 &#036;2500 EDU?? for a 17" ish model??, leaves me with &#036;1500... <--holiday/ iPod / random gear... who knows..

G5 1.8 &#036;3400 on EDU with upgraded graphics, HDD to 160GB, 1.25GB ram bought outside apple (256MB standard, plus 1GB) spend &#036;600 on LCD

G52.0, &#036;3950 with upgraded graphics, leaves me &#036;50.. could use an old monitor...

I&#39;m just selling cos i have this situation... i dont need the portabilty but would like SUPERPOWER for video... i love my powerbook and think its the best laptop on the market by far..but im in a situation where i can upgrade for free.. thats why im asking all the questions.... if i wasnt finishing uni next year i would keep the laptop, but i have some serious video projects comming up and i need power...

I looked at the BAREFEATS and this is a quote
he basically says for 10% extra in price you can get a Final Cut Pro machine that works twice as fast.... im not sure if thats with a super 10000000000RPM scratch disk of 200000GB RAM but you get my rationale????