View Full Version : Display Fails to Sleep

28th April 2010, 09:06 PM
I've noticed that within the last month or so that my 2008 MB 10.6.3 now fails to sleep the display. The settings did not change and even though I've checked them, the display stays nicely illuminated.

I use a Magic Mouse and aluminium BT keyboard. Neither of these two items have changed. I recently added an Extreme wireless base station, again I can't see how that would change anything.

It's only a problem as sometimes I leave the Macbook on playing internet radio (for my dogs when I'm at work!) and even though I turn the brightness down on the ACD screen, it must still be consuming a reasonable amount of power.

Perhaps it might also be related to another strange problem I've noticed with the internet radio. If I leave it on Absolute (via itunes), when I come home it will be on the next on the list (Internode relay). The dogs are clever, but last time I asked them they hadn't worked out how to open the door and use the computer.

Any ideas?