View Full Version : Strange Wifi Speed issue on MacBook

15th April 2010, 09:19 PM
Hi I have a MacBook unibody and for the last week i thought there was an issue with my ADSL connection or itunes as i was not getting the speed i used to get when downloading.

It turns out that it is a wifi issue. But only when i am downloading from the net. I am connected to the airport extreme using the the N wifi, the speed i get from itunes downloading a movie is around 50-100 KB/s. if i use 2 other mac's at my house they gets around 940KB/s. These iMac's are using wifi too one on N and the other on G

When i plug the MacBook in using the ethernet i get around 900KB/s.

Now when i get a file (700meg) from another mac on my network the Macbook will retrieve it at 9.1 MB/s on ethernet, 7.1 MB/s on N and 5.5 on G. The speed is fine.

When i download using wifi it bombs out. Does this sound like a faulty wifi card in the MacBook?



15th April 2010, 09:52 PM
It might be software related, rather than hardware.

You could search for topics related to 'delayed ACK' , although I think that mainly affects copying files from SMB shares or other computers.
You could also check whether the MTU set in your Airport ethernet config matches that on your router.