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28th March 2010, 12:51 PM
Ok, so we are thinking of taking an around the world holiday sometime in the next couple of years, and I want to start looking up information etc regarding best airlines, whats included in the fares etc..

For example, my parents have spoken to Qantas about the same thing and their fares (apparently) inclue a number of internal flights in Europe and the US, but there is no information regarding this on their website (so far as I can find anyway)..

So, I guess what I'm wondering is, those of who have travelled around the world previously, or have done a lot of research into this already, what online resources do you recommend we take a look at while trying to plan such a trip?

Any information is appreciated :)

28th March 2010, 12:58 PM
I think your best bet is to speak with a travel agent first, say Flight Centre or similar. They can put together round-the-world packages, with open ended tickets and best pricing. I think it would be ill advised to source the flights through only one carrier and their affiliates, since they are trying to line their own pockets. An independent arbiter would do you a much better deal.

28th March 2010, 12:59 PM
For sure, we usually use Flight Centre for our holiday bookings. I guess at this point I'm just trying to get some information of the best ways to do things, airlines that have great packages (or bad packages) etc... We'll certainly speak to a travel agent (or 3) before we book anything, I just like try and research first is all :)