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27th March 2010, 05:26 PM
i like to play poker on titan poker, i use to play on my pc with no issues at all.
now i am using the mac (10.6.2) , i have been playing titan on the mac with no trouble until recently , i think titan have upgraded there site, now i need to use flash player 10.
the issue i am having is sometimes titan will load and other times it wont , one more frustrating problem is when i am playing in a game and i get moved onto another table the mac wont load the new page it just has that little circle showing it is loading but nothing happens..
appreciate any advise

27th March 2010, 11:35 PM
I hate to inform you, but Flash under OSX is an absolute crock of fetid dingo's kidneys. Steve Jobs calls Adobe "Lazy" because of it, and no-one is really happy about the situation.

If you play it a fair bit, invest in a copy of Crossover (lets you run many Windows apps under OSX without having Windows) or a virtual-machine solution such as Fusion or Parallels (or there's the free Virtualbox) which lets you install a full WIndows and run it simultaneously with OSX.