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25th August 2005, 12:07 PM
Related to my other post of locking myself out...
i have managed to start up in single user mode (command line).
This is what i got::

Singleuser boot -- fsck not done
Root device is mounted read-only
If you want to make modifications to files,
run '/sbin/fsck -y' first and then '/sbin/mount -uw /'
localhost:/ root#

Does anyone know the commands to change the properties of the drive to read/write etc.

25th August 2005, 12:13 PM
I dont understand.. Your post doesn't make much sense.

Based on the output you pasted, have you attempted to do exactly as instructed. It's telling you to run fsck with a switch and then run mount with some switches after the fsck.

If you do this, then the drive will be checked (fsck) and then the mount will mount it in read/write mode. At which point you can do a reboot and the machine should boot again and when back in the gui you should be able to read/write to the filesystem like normal.

Does that make sense? Does it answer your query?

25th August 2005, 12:30 PM
I have tried the commands...

localhost:/ root#/sbin/mount -uw /
localhost:/ root#

but then

localhost:/ root#/sbin/mount -uw
root_device on / (local, read-only, journaled)
devfs on /dev (local)
localhost:/ root#

if i do it again

localhost:/ root#/sbin/mount -uw
root_device on / (local, journaled)
devfs on /dev (local)
localhost:/ root#

but after restarting, it is still in read-only mode

hopefully that makes sense. sry about the first post.

26th August 2005, 09:32 AM
sounds like a hard drive hardware error man, if it's still not mounting properly..

maybe the mount table is wrong? i'd check that first then take your hdd to get looked at..
anyone know where the os x mount table is?/ it's normally /etc/fstab or vfstab but that is a file saying it's empty for a reason..