View Full Version : Upgrade to OSX 10.6 / keeps WIN partition?

16th March 2010, 11:52 AM
Can anyone give me some advice on this - if I upgrade from 10.5.8 to Snow Leopard, will my windows partition stay intact, or will I have to format a new one?

My Nvidia GTX 285 is freezing again with the latest drivers and I think my only option is to go to (the recommended?) 10.6 Snow Leopard.

16th March 2010, 12:38 PM
You may need to provide a bit more info on this one as to how you've got windows installed. Some windows installs through Virtual Computers aren't actually a partition but rather a disk image file on your mac partition.

The Snow Leopard install does not actually touch/modify any of the partitions unless you manually do it through the disk utility. All it does is copy all the relevant files to your hard drive and then remove the redundant Leopard OS files.

Having said that, I'd STRONGLY recommend you backup both the mac side and windows side as an insurance policy. Like insurance, you probably won't use it, but you don't want to be the 1 in 1000 where something does go wrong and you don't have a backup.

The other suggestion is that before you go upgrading to Snow Leopard, check that your hardware meets all the requirements, and do an audit of all your peripherals and software to make sure that they are all SL compatible. No point upgrading if you then find that your most commonly used mail plugin or printer stops working as its not supported.

16th March 2010, 01:37 PM
Heya, thanks for your reply,

sorry, I coulda been a bit more specific...

I run Windows in a hard partition and I dual boot rather than running Windows in a virtual environment. I've got an early 2008 dual quad core 2.8Ghz with 10Gb RAM.

The main reason I'm doing this is for the Nvidia graphics card which, although is said to run on OSX 10.5.8, is very unstable in 3D. Nvidia recommend 10.6. which should have the proper drivers from Apple... apparently...

You've answered the question I had which is would it require a full reformat of the internal drive, if this isn't required I can try upgrading the Mac partition first without reinstalling both systems... all work backed up of course.