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23rd August 2005, 11:24 PM
Okay. A few of you are probably aware that under pain of death (well, removal of a pay check, at least) I have to use a WinXP machine at work. As part of the rollout of new machines nation wide in the company in about March/April this year, one 'new' feature we were all encouraged to use was Messenger.

Beauty! I thought. Used correctly, it can be quite handy in the workplace for all the important stuff (like teeing up lunches, etc ;))

So, I setup an account, added others to my buddies list and off I went. All was okay, right up until I started using my laptop wirelessly connected at home.

Now, I can't login to Messenger at all from the office, but connecting from home is no problem.

Our IT dept., while encouraging its use, don't actually support the application (as it's not a key corporate app, I guess) - so I can't ask them. So I have used the problem wizard to diagnose the likely cause - and it comes back saying that I don't have a proper connection to the internet. Which I can't work out, because I'm connected to the company's network, Outlook is up and running and I have no issues in keeping up to date with all the AppleTalk discussions via Firefox.

Any one have any clues as to what is happening here? As per usual, Microsoft Help(less) has not shed any light on the situation at all. I've even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, deleting profiles and recreating them, setting up a new account - all to no success.



23rd August 2005, 11:52 PM
I don&#39;t know if this helps or not, but I&#39;m lead to believe by our IT department that Messenger can be blocked by closing ports at the router end. Perhaps IT has - intentionally or otherwise - closed the ports that connect you with the MS server? We are not allowed to use MSN at work, in fact we can&#39;t even connect to the server, or to hotmail.com. I know port 80 is for general net connection, but according to the web, tcp ports 1863 (general connectivity and conversations), 6891-6900 (file transfer) and UDP ports 1503 (app sharing), 3389 (remote assistance), 5004-65535 (audio) are the places to hit.

Another possibility is that there has been a proxy server thrown in the middle, either at work or at home, and MSN can&#39;t get through it without you configuring the details (and removing them again when you get to your other location).

MSN accounts are stored remotely, which is why you can go from pc with messenger to adium on mac without recreating anything.

It ain&#39;t much help, but I&#39;m kinda betting that - if you are being encouraged to use it, and IT are on board with that - something has been unintentionally put in the way. Our IT department use the &#39;switch it off, and see if anyone screams&#39; theory for upgrades or decomissions, perhaps someone isn&#39;t aware of what it is they did.

24th August 2005, 12:06 AM
Thanks, gmask. Come to think of it, I did have a problem with Internet Explorer not being able to connect to the internet just the other day (I use IE very sparingly - only for compatibility with some corporate sites) - for some reason, the proxy details had been wiped clean and needed to be reset. I might check this for Messenger when I get to work.

Though, I can&#39;t see our IT turning it off, as you suggest as another possibility. WOuldn&#39;t that then affect my colleagues as well? They have no problem in logging into the MSN server for Messenger. I seem to be the lucky one&#33;

24th August 2005, 12:35 AM
As you say, if colleagues are ok, then I&#39;d check your configuration. If there are proxies involved, those settings may need to be nuked when you work from home (though we don&#39;t all work from home when we tell work we&#39;re working from home, but thats another discussion :) ), and turned back on when you head into the office.

25th August 2005, 06:57 AM
gmask - it was the proxy settings for Messenger that were the trouble. They had been wiped clean. Obviously, for my office&#39;s network, we require proxy details to access the wide, wide world out there via the Internet.

Too easy. And our IT don&#39;t support it&#33;