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6th March 2010, 01:29 PM
So I have been saving for a macbook, but the iPad is so very tempting, and I'm kind of debating on getting one instead. However I would want to get an Airport Base Station ($149 Edu pricing), to make the internet in my college room wireless, which I would be getting anyway if I bought a MB. But I'd probably use an iPad for taking notes at university, as well as web surfing, so I had some questions, I know there's probably no definitive answers, but you guys probably have a better idea then me.

Firstly the keyboard dock, do you think you'd be able to use this in a lecture or similar? it wouldn't need to be plugged into a wall to be used? Also approximate pricing?

And Applecare, do you think it would be similar to the iPhone at $99 (edu pricing) or like the MB at $335 at Edu pricing.

So assuming the 32GB model is about $700 AUD, and the keyboard and applecare cost less then $250, I could get this for under $1100? poor uni student here, am just trying to work out which has the better deal, a macbook with all accessories which is heavier and may not be used as much considering I already own an iMac or the iPad. I'd like to get an iPad early May if i decide on that, but may wait till July when it's holidays and I'm home and can perhaps convince someone to drive me up to Sydney and the Apple store.

6th March 2010, 04:36 PM
Keyboard Dock - It is my assumption that the keyboard dock accessorie will need to be plugged into power to use.

But the iPad will also work with BLUETOOTH keyboards too

Applecare - applecare can be bought at anytime before the standard warrentee runs out. (Some think it is a good idea to get the applecare as late as possible. What if your iPad gets stolen or desrtoyed in a hose fire or something. Wasted Applecare???)

6th March 2010, 04:57 PM
I do understand that about applecare, my problem is that when the times come that it needs to be paid for before the original warranty runs out, I can guarantee I won't have the spare cash to pay for it, or I'll forget about it and only remember after the deadline passes. So I just always buy applecare when I buy the device, it saves time and hassle.

You think it'll need to be plugged in to power then? won't be able to run off of the iPad's battery source? Oky dokes will have a look at prices for bluetooth keyboards then.

6th March 2010, 05:24 PM
How hard do you think it would be to type on the ipads touch screen, I've never used an iphone/ipod touch before.

I want something for taking notes in lectures that's faster and more readable then my scrawling writing hence the wish for a laptop or iPad. I did look into netbooks but couldn't bring myself to return to a windows OS system, I absolute love my mac...

I will try one out before I make any decisions, and since there's still a couple of months till they do come out am really just playing with Ideas...

7th March 2010, 12:55 AM
You have to remember that a netbook is not a full size notebook so the keyboards on most of them will be very dinky and small and not very comfortable for typing.

Just be patient and try out an iPad in store and see what you think. You can always buy accessories at anytime latter.

There maybe some inovative developers working on handwriting recongnition app for the iPad.

(I am hoping for someone to turn the iPad into a Wacom tablet. But maybe pressure sensitvity my be a problem to enable varying pressure brush widths)

9th March 2010, 03:41 PM
(I am hoping for someone to turn the iPad into a Wacom tablet. But maybe pressure sensitvity my be a problem to enable varying pressure brush widths)

Not brushes, but one of the other apps (Colors?) allows tilt to control brush pressure and opacity, x/y, respectively. You hold the device and tilt it whilst stroking. Works very intuitively with a little practice.

9th March 2010, 03:44 PM
Given that the AU pricing for the Bluetooth keyboard (http://store.apple.com/au/searchresult?p=MC184LL/A&ra=2&r=/au/product/MC184LL/A%3Fmco%3DMTY3ODQ5OTY&t=keyboard) is $99 and as the iPad Keyboard Dock costs the same as the Bluetooth keyboard in the US, it's a cinch that the iPad Keyboard Dock will cost $99 here.

9th March 2010, 11:09 PM
Hmm. That's almost worth getting... tempted.

I'll see how I go. I can type super fast on the iPhone due to auto correction and a few years experience. Having a predictive, auto correcting, full size keyboard (iPad on screen KB in landscape) at a slight angle (case accessory) should actually be very fast for me.

I'm more leaning towards the case, SD/USB reader, and the standard dock. I have the mini BT keyboard from my 27" iMac i can use anyway.

9th March 2010, 11:11 PM
I would want to get an Airport Base Station ($149 Edu pricing), to make the internet in my college room wireless

A thought: I don't think you'll be able to configure the AirPort from an iPad! You'll need a Mac (or PC) for that.

10th March 2010, 07:29 AM
I do have an iMac....