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22nd August 2005, 11:09 PM
So, I'm looking at buying an iBook and want to ask a few questions. I am also trying to get my Aunty to sell her PC laptop and get an iBook.

>I want one that supports airport extreme, so that rules out all G3 iBooks.
>Must be able to do all the cool visual effects of OS 10.3/10.4 (and therefore RUN 10.3/10.4 at a decent speed) to impress my PC friends and convince them buy a Mac.
>at least 20GB hard drive space
> Slot-loading Superdrive *OR* can be upgraded to Superdrive with Pioneer DVR-K05 (or whatever the latest model is)
> at least 512MB RAM, wanna multitask, or upgradable
>must be able to take dual display hack and scrolling track pad hack
>built in bluetooth (wanted, but not really needed, but would go well with my SE T610)
>10/100mb network
>can take VGA + S-Video adapter
>can be overclocked (wanted, not really needed)

Should I get a 12" or 14"? 12" would be so small and light, but would I hate the tiny screen?
must be decent condition

she only uses her current laptop for uploading pics from digicam (Kodak CX4200, does this work with iPhoto?), doing her taxes in Excel and occasionally surfing the net (56k), and I mean *nothing* else!

I don't want to get her a G3 iBook, cos if it breaks down, that won't be a good first impression of Macs!

She doesn't want to spend a lot ($1400 is too much for her to spend, and she wants at least 14" screen, so a second hand iBook is the go).

PC laptop specs: Celeron 500Mhz 64MB RAM (can b upgraded), 4 MB VRAM, 14/15" screen, CDROM drive, 5GB HDD. Battery life doesn't matter, it never leaves her desk! If I can trade this her PC laptop for a slightly higher spec'd iBook + a lil bit o' cash, then I'll do that, as it is all she needs. It has to run OS X, there's no way I'm burdening her with OS 9! (sorry, but it's true)

What else have I missed?

23rd August 2005, 08:45 AM
Just buy a brand new one, problems solved.

23rd August 2005, 08:56 AM
I recently bought two iBook 12" (for me and my wife). Latest model 1.33ghz/512mb.
My wife is a 'switcher' having had PC laptops for years, but became a convert almost overnight.

Both are used a lot for presentations and graphics manipulation (Photoshop Elements) along with wireless networks. Work flawlessly when switching between networks.

We got them at EDU pricing - $1438. Can't beat that for value!

As to 12" vs 14" - I have been using a 14" iBook at work - I actually find it too big and heavy for carting around. The 12" screen is crisp and clear and the smaller size is no problem.

Battery life is excellent - we are getting around 5 hours.

I would suggest if you are doing a lot of multiple tasks or Photoshop, then an extra 512mb RAM would be very useful. I have found that Photoshop (but not Elements) starts swapping a lot in 512mb.

23rd August 2005, 06:34 PM
Basically only the recent iBooks (1GHz+) would probably meet your requirements & as to my knowledge only the 14" model easily supports Superdrives.

As said the latest release pretty much offers everything you'd need however the s-video adapter is seperate.

Pretty much pointless overclocking any laptop so don't go there! :D

As for your aunty a used G4 is more than enough however if warranty is your main concern try & get one with some Applecare remaining.

28th August 2005, 10:58 AM
No purchases just yet. :(
My Aunty has a Lexmark X74 all-in-one and, according to Lexmark, will not work with OS X 10.2 or OS 10.3.

find the X75 in the table here: http://support.lexmark.com/cgi-perl/knowle...280&relevance=1 (http://support.lexmark.com/cgi-perl/knowledgebase.cgi?ccs=15:1:0:204:0:0&framed=&docid=ENUS17280&relevance=1)

IS there any chance of getting it to work under OS 10.3/10.4? And how would I do it?

28th August 2005, 11:09 AM
For your Aunty, a Mac Mini sounds like the perfect option. For a thousand dollars you could get the 1.25GHZ Mini with a 17" LCD screen which would run much better then a second hand laptop.

28th August 2005, 05:31 PM
No, she said she'd rather have a laptop. She really doesn't want to spend a cent, but I'll see what her laptop is worth. $1000 is way too much anyway.