View Full Version : Unlocking 3 mobile broadband modem

25th February 2010, 09:34 PM
Hi all,

My housemate's girlfriend has just moved to Bendigo to study. When she was in Melbourne she bought a 3 mobile 3G broadband modem to use with her laptop (a MacBook).

She was unaware that 3 has no network in Bendigo and is now stuck with a modem that will cost $99 to unlock through 3.

I have seen various ways of unlocking the modems by googling and on ebay, however not all of them seem terribly trustworthy. Any tips on a good, cheap reliable and permanent way of unlocking the modem would be appreciated.

The model of the modem is Huawei e1553. Does anyone know if this modem will be compatible with the optus network or only Tel$tra?

Thanks in advance.

Jordan M
25th February 2010, 10:30 PM
I have a E1756 modem that was purchased on 3 Prepaid, I used a eBay seller and got the unlock code for around $3.80 USD without any issue, you simply insert a non 3 sim and it prompts for the code.