View Full Version : Mail in 10.6.2 is not cooperating.

25th February 2010, 08:37 PM
I recently installed Snow Leopard, expecting all sorts of wonderful things and there are some pretty neat 'tricks' BUT when I went to change ISPs, I got into a bit of bother.

As is often the case, it started with operator error. I created new accounts for my new ISP's mail servers and all was well. I deleted my 'old' accounts and then realised that there will still be email directed to my old addresses which will be sent on for the next little while. So, I set about recreating my old accounts but Mail effectively would not let me. I kept on getting a message telling me that the path ~\Users\ <Me>\Library\ <old incoming mail server> was already taken - by the new accounts! I checked the new account details and in the Properties window at least, they were correct. What is going on? Same issue on my old Windows XP set-up presented no problems at all. I suspect that if I find the right folder and dump it, all will be well. But having stuffed up once, I'd appreciate some guidance.