View Full Version : Rom Image Dump

22nd August 2005, 10:38 AM
Hi all. newbie here.

i am having issues getting a bios dump of my old performa to use with MacOnLinux.
i intend to run os 8.6, which needs a rom image of a machine

anyway, the performa rom dump util (same one provided on the DL page on MOL, which is the same one used for basiliskII) only dumps a 3072kb (3meg) file when it should be 4096k (4mb)
extensions are off and VM is disabled as instructed by the readme.

the PC (or mac i should say!) is itself is working perfectly fine.

MOL reports a corrupt rom.

what is goign wrong here?

can the rom dump util only do up 2 3072k?
is my bios corrupt?
am i not doing something right?

oh yeah my mac is a performa 5500/250. It's black as well :P