View Full Version : Airport? What do you think?

18th February 2010, 08:33 PM
Question for you all, I have;

New Mac Book Pro w/ Snow L - My work mac
White Mac Book with Leopard - Old work mac currently my wifes
iMac silver running Snow L - General house mac with logins for the kids
Mini Running Leopard - Used on our Plasma (I am having issues with it clipping the screen top and bottum)
2 x iPhones 3G 16GB (no I didn't need that compas)
1 x Nano
3 x 500GB external drives Running Time Machine
1 x 1TB Off iMac for iTunes
Wifi ADSL2+

Family .Me account we use for offsite backup via iDisc.

A question is coming, :)

Im sort of networked, but is Airport a good option? I really want to have all of my music, photos accessible from all macs but dont want to go down the path of servers. What do you think about Airport?

Once again love the show

PS I will be in the line in Sydney lined up on launch day for the iPad (crap name) I will be using it as a coffe table all rounder. Bit of surfing, remote, mags, news, recipes TV games etc.