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21st August 2005, 08:45 AM
I sometime ago downloaded the PDF Browser Plugin from http://www.schubert-it.com/pluginpdf/

I thought it was a wonderful application because not only would in open within Firefox "internet based" pdf files - I also set Firefox to be my default application to open all PDF files including those on my hard drive. I thought this was great as it avoided having another application open like adobe or preview.

Recently I had to do a reinstall of Tiger & after some reorganisation I found that the browser plugin continues to pick up internet based pdf files - but the Firefox/plugin set up will not read pdf files on my hard drive. I get the standard message - "you have chosen to open XXX.pdf. What should Firefox do with this file?" At this point nothing happens at all.

Anyway, whilst its not a big deal I am frustrated that something that did work no longer does. No doubt there is a simple solution. Suggestions much appreciated.

21st August 2005, 10:34 AM
Did you do an archive install?
If so, move the PDF Plugin from the previous systems Library/Internert Plugins folder, to your new Library/internet plugins folder.
Or simply get your old .dmg out and reinstall it there.
The new PDF plugin 2.2.2 tells me it is "not registered" while loading PDF's to play in Firefox 1.0.6 on OS 10.4.2 on my computer.
Small price to pay.

Edited to add:
Firefox opens all .pdf on my HD with the .pdf plugin. All I need to do is use Command/O or select "open file" from my firefox file menu and scroll through the dialog box to locate the file I want to open. No.. drag and drop does not work. I presume someone will fix this soon it is most likely a firefox problem but then again it could be a bug with the plugin.

23rd August 2005, 11:47 AM
Thanks AusMac for your comments. I have trashed & reinstalled the plugin without success. This has driven me to use Safari which operates just fine using the same plugin. That is it opens all pdf files on internet & works great as a default application to open PDF files from my drives. Also I thought Safari opened pages a little faster than Firefox - also quite liked integrated RSS system having used Newsfire as my RSS reader to date.

Nevertheless it does annoy me that I cannot get Firefox to operate in same manner - when I previously had this working just fine. I suppose if I adopted a scorched earth solution & deleted both Firefox & the Plugin & related Preferences this would rectify whatever glitch I have?