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20th August 2005, 10:49 AM
Hey people,

Long time no see, Well I'm gonna b back, jus' been trying to make money, and studies and all that otha *stuff* like that.

Nwayz.. Can you Guys pleaseee help me with International Wire Transfer, coz I have completely no idea to do it.

I have a E-gold account, right, So I needed to buy some ''E-Metal'' of IceGold, http://icegold.com , Yea, then I processed an Order using Wire Transfer, but I have no Idea to do it!!!

What Do you do, SWIFT?, I know what it is, but where is the frEaking service to do it..

I Just wanted to Tranfer $20.00AUD from my Commonwealth Bank Account, to There bank in Estonia

Thankz alot guys! :thumbup:

I really appreciate it

Btw, I found one, but that is just a ''demo'' one : http://www.inta.org/wiretransfer/

20th August 2005, 01:27 PM
netbank > transfer money > International Money Transfer > Make An International Money Transfer

don't see how thats hard? Don't use any of those internet services its risky. On the internet you can get direct debted without a signiture, so they can withdraw money from your account as soon as they have your account information.

Do all international transfers from your bank (in this case commonwealth bank) or a trusted company like Western Union.

what the hell is e-money? looks like a scheme, i wouldn't send a cent to them. the guy uses a hotmail account, not a registered company and its in estonia! your better off making money of the ASX.

These guys think they can start up there own exchange or something? stupid considering their not exchanging anything of value. yeah back by gold bullion my ass. Thats stupid because they are still going to be affected by fluctations in the the US dollar.

What their proably doing is using their estonia dollar or US dollar to purchase the gold, make this stupid currency up and make you pay more for the "gold" then its market price. Its stupid, gold is only traded on the US dollar.

Thats like me saying hey you can buy telstra shares without australian currency.

for crying out loud this is not even a currency.

21st August 2005, 04:57 PM
lol.. yea.. thankz man.. True True..

I'm gonna cancel my order.. i can depsot my money using some other service, i'll closely look at E-gold's Transfer to my account later on. :)