View Full Version : Single User Mode/ Disk Utility and External Monitor

11th February 2010, 09:23 PM
I currently have a busted screen in my MBP so I'm using an external monitor. I need to run Repair Disk /fsck but it's a bit hard with the internal screen munted. Does anyone know if it's possible to either:

- use an external monitor when starting in Single-User mode OR
- force the Snow Leopard installer to display on an external monitor when booting from the CD (mirroring displays, maybe? That's stored in PRAM still?)

I know the first is unlikely, but the thing worrying me about the second one is starting my MBP off the CD and not being able to see the installer properly, cycling the power and the startup disc is not set and I'm stuck with a useless Mac.
If worse comes to it I'll just start in Target mode and plug it into someone else's Mac and repair it that way, but if I can do it myself first I'd be a happier camper.