View Full Version : how to connect a mac to a printer via wireless modem

8th February 2010, 09:11 AM
hi all

i'm sorry i'm a total novice in mac.
i'm trying to help a friend set it up.
he's got a mac pro laptop connecting to a telstra netgear wireless modem router and a hp colour laserjet 2600n printer.

he's mac is connecting to the modem via wireless and his able to access the internet.
but he's trying to connect to his printer via wireless?
can someone please advice on how i can set it up?
he has a lan network cable connected from his printer to the modem. is this correct or should he use a USB cable?

how do i setup the mac laptop to connect to the printer via his wireless modem?

thanks in advance for your help


8th February 2010, 12:10 PM
Once the software for the printer is installed on the mac. Click on the grey / black Apple at the top left of the computer screen and then onto system preferences and then onto print fax. From here click the little + sign at the bottom left to add a printer. A box pops up and the computer searches for available printers. When yours pops up click on it and then the add button at the bottom right of the box.