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31st January 2010, 12:29 PM
I have a work 8gig iPhone 3G. very new due to Apple replacing my original.

Work is purchasing a new GS as a second company phone. I have the option of having the new iPhone and passing my phone to the new employee.

If I simply swap SIM cards - will this work? Will my 3G be registered to me or will the new employee get that option when the new SIM card is inserted and can I then do a Restore to bring all of my apps and data across?

Thank you.

31st January 2010, 05:10 PM
Dear back2mac,

Swapping SIM card to your new phone does not automatically transfer the contents from the old phone over, because the content is not stored in the SIM card but the phone itself. Swapping the SIM card to your new phone merely transfers your number to the new phone, as the SIM card merely determines the phone line/number.

The iPhones are typically registered when the first owner activates the phone over iTunes prior to use. So, if you're company activated the phone before giving it to you, the phone is registered to your company. But, if you're required to plug in the phone to iTunes when you first get it out the box, then the phone is registered to you because you would have to enter your details during activation.

In order to retrieve the contents from your old phone, you have to Backup your old phone using iTunes prior to giving it away. Give the Backup file a distinct name. Then, when you've got your new phone, you then Restore from Backup to retrieve all the contents from the old phone, which you initially saved into your computer using iTunes.