View Full Version : iPad, Atv, Television and the Future..

Devil rolla
30th January 2010, 08:29 AM
Just a thought i was thinking.

If we have the Remote app on the appstore, it will work on the iPad. So then you have a 10 inch remote for your apple tv, with getures. thats pretty cool.

Say if Apple were to bring out a 42-50 inch IPS television with ethernet, you could watch tv, watch anything off the internet, and have your apple tv have all your stored media to play on that beautiful screen as well. Apple could also write a new remote app for the appstore, for the iPad.

If the new apple iPad's design, and the new design of the apple IR remote look anything like where they are going in the future i can't see how they can't/wont redesign the atv. Maybe even make it abit larger, run two 3.5 drives in there and give it the brushed alloy look, to match the 42 inch IPS screen on the wall, and the 10 inch iPad remote control.

these are all my sick fantasies, but apple are definitely securing the "mobile device" market, without a doubt. And if you have all these mobile devices out in the field, how can you not want to slowly move back to redefining living at home as well as on the go ? Bringing that apple feel and touch from "on-the-go" back to the family unit, like what they have done with Home Sharing in iTunes. Media shared among family within the same household to be viewed and enjoyed At Home.

Just some thoughts that aroused me this morning...

Richie Rich
30th January 2010, 10:01 AM
I really like the idea of remote controlling headless mac or windows boxes via remote apps on the iPad. It'd be brilliant!

30th January 2010, 10:27 AM
The current Apple TV aligns with the iPad in that it's all about 720 video. In summary I can't see a change anytime soon, why bother with the current unit supports everything else in your product line? I'd like an update, just don't see the need when the current unit integrates with their current iTunes offerings. If anything I see the mini getting a HDMI port and a tweaked interface to replace the ATV.

As for an large format Apple display, it's always possible, but I don't see it. It just doesn't add any value short of integrating the Apple TV.