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29th January 2010, 05:53 PM
Found this awesome free Push to Talk app called iPTT, seems to be fairly new and I found nothing by searching the forums, so here it is:

iTunes Store (http://itunes.apple.com/au/app/iptt/id311931218?mt=8)

29th January 2010, 06:37 PM
Not free but also of the same kin:
A Tasty Pixel Products Talkie (http://atastypixel.com/products/talkie)

Also have a Mac app:
A Tasty Pixel Products Talkie for Mac (http://atastypixel.com/products/talkie-for-mac)

29th January 2010, 08:20 PM
I bought the iPhone version of that and it was undoubtedly the worst $2.49 I ever spent on the App Store

There was a delay of 2-3 seconds after saying the message and if it was received by the other iPhone at all, and if it was received it was always crackly and broken up

29th January 2010, 10:09 PM
Oh, okay, good to know.

...I have a bad habit of recommending things without actually trying them out for myself first. Apologies. :footinmouth:

29th January 2010, 10:38 PM
All's good :)

Though you did prompt me to try their OS X app which is just as bad :-D

30th January 2010, 07:17 PM

I'm Michael, the guy behind A Tasty Pixel (and Talkie); I'm sorry to hear Talkie's been causing you problems!

We haven't heard of lag issues before; if you have the time and inclination, please PM me or hit me at A Tasty Pixel (http://atastypixel.com/contact) - I'd love to fix the problem and turn that into the best $2.49 you've spent ;-)