View Full Version : Powerbook (tibook) G4 500mhz

17th August 2005, 08:39 PM
hi, im thinking about getting a powerbook G4 550mhz...
i only need it for word processing, internet and watching dvds etc.
(nothing to complicated!)
i was going to get an ibook 500 but have like the look of the powerbook better....

i was just wondering what difference there is between these laptops?
will i notice the difference?

also how much should i be willing to pay for a powerbook such as the one above?

phew! :lol:

17th August 2005, 09:38 PM
hey, even a pismo g3 400-500mhz will do for what you want it to. i am looking to purchase one since they're still pretty powerful laptops. i think with a g4 you will have a bit more grunt, and have a titanium widescreen to a plastic black on the pismo. i think the g3 powerbook is really sexy and somewhat retro now. at the moment i'm using an imac 600mhz for general stuff and happy with the speed. i leave the heavy stuff for the powermac g4 1.2ghz.

good luck with a purchase


17th August 2005, 10:11 PM
I'm trying to get my friend to swap/trade her IBM ThinkPad for an iBook/Powerbook, but she doesn't want to spend a lotta money. She only needs it to upload the photos from her digicam. I want to get her something that will run OS X, iPhoto 5, and have a 14-15" screen. Battery life doesn't matter, she always has it plugged in. Sometimes she will use her dial up 'net account, but that's it.

IBM ThinkPad I Series
Intel Celeron 500Mhz
64 MB RAM (user-upgradable slot is empty so u can add more)
5GB HDD (Hitachi I think)
Teac CDROM drive
14 or 15" screen (I think it's 15")
2 x USB1.1 ports
PCMCIA thingys
1 x PS/2 port
can run XP+Office 2003 well (although startup is slow, but hibernating it is much faster)
VGA out
56k modem
10/100 ethernet (still can't get it working under XP)
Parallel printer port
3.5mm headphone out, 3.5mm mic in

Could I trade it for a similar iBook/Powerbook with little or no money involved?