View Full Version : Ew's Symphonic Orchestra

14th August 2005, 02:18 PM
Hi. Anyone here have East West's Symphonic orchestra?

I'll be purchasing a Mac this week and am contemplating to switch all my computer music stuff across. So obviously what I buy will be heavily influenced here.. and my original intension of sourcing a G3 iBook or a new Mac mini is all but a distant memory.

According to the Symphonic Orchestra box it says G3 500Mhz and 256 RAM as minimum requirements. If this is as unrealistic as I know most minimum specs are, anything like this would end up with me pulling my hair out.

If anyone uses this software (I have silver edition) could they let me know of their experiences?

I know that alot will vary dependant on available RAM but would like to get a feel for what a base G5 iMac would be like, and even a Mini Mac if anyone has tried that.

thanks in advance